Things that matter: Faith-Hope-Love.

Faith, Hope, Love, every feeling that cause some change that might be a good or bad one, it matters..!! Can you imagine a life without this things..? Let’s try, If you blindly trust someone or something it means you have full faith in him/her/it. You sometimes may become completely dependent on them..!! You have faith … Continue reading Things that matter: Faith-Hope-Love.

We have ruined it all…!

The saddest part of humanity, we have ruined it all. Our Prosperity, our pride, our strength, our faith, & lastly our history. One man from his very childhood take an oath of peaceful India & he fulfilled it too. He knows how to take care of his people, he knows how to respect a women. … Continue reading We have ruined it all…!


Are you Live? oh no-no, not on facebook or instagram, Are you Live in your own Life.?? Peek within yourself, the answer lies within you. Ask yourself what's the meaning of living a life which has no aim. It's like a passenger travelling without knowing his destination. LOL Many of us just exist,they are living … Continue reading DON’T JUST EXIST, LIVE….!!


Be Optimistic, Yes one should be, but along with it one should also be a pessimistic. Frankly I am not suggesting any one to be completely pessimistic, I just want to say whatever things happens have a positive part & a negative part as well. If you are thinking only positive part ignoring the negative part … Continue reading BE PESSIMISTIC AS WELL..!